Bonny Udny – Lyrics

Oh Udny, bonny Udny, ye shine waur ye stand
The mair I look on you, the mair my heart warms,
If I were in Udny, I’d think I’s at hame
For there I get sweethairts, for here I get nane

It’s nae the lang road love, that I hae tae gang
Nor is it the lang miles that maks me think lang
But the one thing that grieves me and maks my hairt sad
Is the leavin’ o’ you Udny and yon bonny lass

Well, the lads aboot udny, they’re aa rovin’ blades
They tak great delight in the coortin’ o maids
They kiss them and clap them and spend money free
Of a‘ the airts in Scotland, bonny Udny’s for me

I once loved a fair maid, she said she loved me
An’ oor parents were willing that wedded we’d be
But for all of her promises, she has forgot me,
And since she’s got another, let her go where will she

‘Twas on a certain Sunday that me and my love met
Which caused me on Monday tae sigh, sore and weep
But ti spoil my eyes weeping, such a fool I would be
And since she’s got another let her go where will she

I will build my love a castle on yon piece of ground,
Where lord, duke nor nobleman can ne’er pull it down
And if anyone should ask of you “Oh what is your name”,
You can say it is Mary and from Udny ye came

You pull the red rose, and I’ll pull the thyme
You drink tae your love and I’ll drink tae mine
For my mind will not alter or gang to and fro
But I’ll aye prove kind-hairtit tae the girl that I loe

Let us drink and be merry, let us drink and gang hame
For if we stay langer, we’ll get a bad name
We’ll get a bad name and we’ll drink ourselves foo
And the long walks o’ Udny are aye tae gan