“Iona’s voice displays incredible confidence and maturity… Even without accompaniment, Iona’s voice is as finely tuned, precise and eminently enjoyable an instrument as you’ll find… Utterly haunting.”           – Folk Radio UK 

“From unaccompanied voice to the band in full-flow, ‘East’ stands as a testament to the strength, endurance and adaptability of the tradition.”  FolkWords

“When it comes to folk music, she has one of the most stunning voices on the circuit today.” – Artree

“Most very excellent”  – The Mike Harding Folk Show

“Vocalist and pianist Iona has graced many stages across her native Scotland and in Europe with her portfolio of haunting ballads and upbeat modern fare. Here her debut CD just sweeps from the speakers.” – The Musician, The Musicians Union

“Her beautiful and subtle Scottish lilt flickers in her words and catches in your ears with every syllable. Her voice is soothing and versatile, as adept with happy, dancing folk tunes as she is with morose and tender ballads.”  – Artree

“East is the debut EP from Iona Fyfe Band. Iona is from Aberdeenshire and these six tracks are traditional songs from the region except that ‘Pride Of Aberdeen’ is modern although you wouldn’t know it. Iona isn’t afraid of a long ballad and this set is packed with them. Splendid.” – R2 (Rock’n’Reel) Magazine

“East is an intriguing set of songs for a first EP and an indication of the strength of what lies in the Scots tradition. One also which represents a record of the fledgling flight of an artist whose own story could run and run.” – Bright Young Folk

“The combination of Iona’s voice and delivery holds us spellbound throughout, hanging every detail of the story.”Folk Radio UK

“She is fortunate to be gifted with a voice that has an instantly recognisable individuality. Youth, freshness and a particularly seductive feminine gentleness all came through in her singing.” – Alan Cooper

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