Guise of Tough – Lyrics


I gid up tae Alford for tae get a fee,
I fell in wi Jimmy Broon, wi him I did agree

Come a hi come a doo, hi come a day, Hi come a diddle come a dandy o

I fell in wi Jimmy Broon in the year o ninety-one,
Tae gang hame an caw his second pair an be his orraman

Fin I gid hame tae Guise o Tough ‚twas on an evening clear, And in aboot the orra hoose the ga er did appear

I‘m the maister o the place, an that‘s the mistress there, Ye‘ll get plenty cheese an plenty breid an plenty mair tae spare

Well I sat an ate the cheese an breid till they did roon me stare,
An then I thocht that it wis time tae gang an see my pair

Fin I gid tae the stable my pairie for tae view,
Oh fegs, they were a dandy pair a chestnut and a blue

On the followin mornin I gid tae the ploo,
But lang, lang ower lowsin time my pairie gart me rue

The ploo she wisna workin weel she widna throw the fur, The ga er says a better yin at the smiddy tae gang for

Fin I got hame the new ploo she pleased me unco weel, I thought she wid be better gin she had a cuttin wheel

I wrocht awa a month or twa wi unco little clatter,
Till I played up some nasty tricks and broke a tattie chapper

The gaffer he got word o this and orders did lay doon, If I did the like again he‘d pit me frae the toun

We hae a gallant baillie, aye Wallace is his name, He can fair redd up the kye fin he taks doon a kame

We hae a little baillie, aye Jamieson‘s his name,
He‘s gane ower tae Alford far he‘s raised an awfa fame.

He‘s gane doun tae Charlie Watt‘s for tae hae a dram, Lang, lang e‘er I gaed doon the laddie couldna stan

We hae a gallant kitchie lass, aye Simpson is her name, For tae tell her pedigree I really wid think shame

She dresses up on Sunday wi her heid up a the level, Teeth are o the ivory that wid scare the very devil

Noo ma sang is ended, I won‘t sing any more, If ony be o ended ye can walk outside the door