Scotland Yet – Lyrics

Written by Davy Steele

Gie noo a thocht o what we hae in this land o the leal.
The heilan glen the Doric stream the fertile lowland field
They seem tae offer different views when looked at from within
Can strangers be the only eyes tae see it aw as yin

The choice will be upon us soon tae set oor destiny
I’ll drink a toast tae Scotland yet whatever yet may be

Oor mither tongue spoke different weys that past tae present ties
Each separate and yet entwined that’s where oor real strength lies
For should ae strand unwind itself the ithers tae forsake
Then aw would be forever lost for aw the strands wid break

While we still seek tae blame oor woes and pains on someone else
We’ll niver hae the strength tae solve oor problems for oorselves
In truth we focht each ither mair learn this fae oor past
Then together we can choose for oorselves at last