A Scots translation of the Christmas carol, In The Bleak Midwinter with new additional verse. Featuring Michael Biggins on piano. Released on Bandcamp on 4th December and on every other platform 24th December



In ‘e bleak midwinter
A lang lang time ago
Earth stood hard as iron
Waater like a stone
Snaw hid faen
Snaw on snaw, snaw on snaw
In ‘e bleak midwinter
A lang, lang time ago

Whit can I gie Him
Puir as I am?
Gin I were a shepherd
Ah wid gie a lamb
An gin I were a wise loon
Ah’d duly play ma pairt
Whit can ah gie him?
Ah wid gie ma hairt

In The Bleak Midwinter
Frosty wind maks mane
A’ll ne’er be a stranger
And niver rove alane.
An gin that I should loose my wye
An waak a darkened road
Yer licht ‘ill guide me hameward
Yer love fir me ye showed