Braw airticle in the days Scottish Sun aboot the Scots Leid being available as a language on Firefox thanks tae the hard wark o Ashley Douglas, Thomas Clark and all at Rubrik Inc. Platforms yaisin Scots and bein able tae stravaigin the web in Scots is a muckle lowp forrit.

Tomorrow, on Thursday 19th July I’m hosting a special folk night for Refuweegee, an incredibly important charity that is continually doing brilliant work to support our new Scots in Glasgow. I’ve roped in some award-winning musicians and pals to perform, who have kindly given up their time to support this brilliant charity.
Graham Rorie and Rebecca Hill, Isla Callister and Alan Reid (of the Battlefeild Band) will be playing. Register here and contribute a donation which goes straight to Refuweegee.