Positive mood this morning! Had such an amazing half a year and can’t believe half of 2014 has went, from all the fab fests and weekends, and charity events and even a wee shot at the barrowlands and playing at the RNCM, had been absolutely amazing! Another half year full of fun ahead starting with Friday the 18th of July where I will be on Alan Grant’s fab show on Celtic MusicRadio on 95fm (Glasgow area- I believe) and on Celticmusicradio online to everyone worldwide! And lots of fun and games at Kirrie and the Perthshire Amber later on in the year!







Had a wonderful night up at Garlogie for TMSA Aberdeen Branch’s open evening of June!

The brilliant Denis Shepherd, Natalie Chalmers, Joe Aitken, Jim Taylor, Kate Taylor and Geordie Muirison all gave performances.

Organised by Shirley Watt and the Aberdeen branch of the TMSA.

Allan Taylor finished off the evening with a good chorus song – My Big Kilmarnock Bonnet!


2014 has been a brilliant year so far, winning overall senior singer at Aberdeen TMSA, the Grieg Duncan Competition at Portsoy and Best Female and Best Local Singer at Keith along with some brilliant weekends full of music! I’d just like to acknowledge that if it weren’t for all the organisers that are prudent in the festivals running, we wouldn’t have these festivals! And so these organisers are equally if not more important than the competitors and truly are helping keep tradition alive!

Speaking of tradition. In April I was given the brilliant opportunity alongside Joe Aitken and Geordie Muirison – bothy ballad kings, to go to Glasgow and to perform at the Barrowlands to support Aidan Moffat as part of his “Where You’re Meant to Be” tour! The night went brilliantly and it was an experience I will never forget!