Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year! Young Trad final, a knee operation, removal of wisdom (teeth!) sell-oot Edinburgh Fringe show, festivals, recording debut album, becoming Iona Fyfe FLCM and gigs!
I’m so excited for 2018 and the release of my debut album. Come back for a VIDEO RELEASE on 16th January! (My 20th birthday!). My album will be launched at my Celtic Connections show on 30th January at the Strathclyde Suite supporting The Railsplitters with a 7 piece band! 
Tickets here: http://www.celticconnections.com/events/Pages/event.aspx?ev=435b3303-1601-48f0-9077-a80a011e10d3
I couldn’t have done anything without the people who came to gigs, bought my music, supported my crowdfund or even just “shared” on Facebook! Thank you! 
Signing aff xxx

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