Folk Alliance International – New Orleans

We’ve touched down in New Orleans for Folk Alliance International. I’m delighted to be an Official Showcase Artist, and have been supported by the PRS Foundation International Showcase Fund. I’m joined by Michael Wright on guitar and Charlie Grey on fiddle. Here are our showcases times.

• January 23rd (19:00) // Nottoway (4th Foor)
• January 23rd (23:00) // British Underground (928) ITR with Chloe Foy
• January 23rd (1:30) // British Underground (928)
• January 24th (1:00) // British Underground (930)
• January 25th (23:30) // British Underground (928) ITR with The Bookshop Band
• January 25th (1:30) // Black Oak Artists (1023)

More info 👉

Copy of Facebook Cover Dates


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