We must #letthemusicplay. This is a photo from my last trio show on 8th March in Bilbao, Basque Country before the world entered lockdown. Despite the fact that cinemas, pubs, restaurants and shops are beginning to re-open, the arts and entertainment industry has been left on its knees. Pubs are to open, but live music prohibited. The government cannot ignore live music. We were the last to close down, and we will be the last to open up. In lockdown, we all turned to the arts for comfort and for our sanity – we consumed the product of artistic industries by watching it, listening to it and reading it. Yet, those who produced this art are the very people who have been left behind. As we begin to open up, we must support live music and give it a chance to survive. ✊🏻

📸 Carlos Garcia Azpiazu

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