#IWD2021 Scots Language Playlist

To celebrate #InternationalWomensDay, I’m sharing a playlist of Scots Language Songs which features some mighty women. Be sure to follow the playlist and the artists here: https://bit.ly/scotssang

Featuring Gillian Frame, Fiona Hunter, FARA, Claire Hastings, Siobhan Miller, Robyn Stapleton, Josie Duncan, Karine Polwart Amy Papiransky, Lori Watson, Ainsley Hamill, Jenny Sturgeon, Emily Smith, Hannah Rarity, Barbara Dickson, Lucy Pringle & Chris Wright, The Furrow Collective, The Shee, Shona Donaldson, Gerda Stevenson, Christine Kydd Music, Barbara Dymock an Sheena Wellington

Of course, there are much more great women Scots Singers, I’ve simply included some of my favourite songs recorded in the last twenty or so years. Ony strang feelings? Mak yer ain playlist and increase the #ScotsLeid profile on Spotify!

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