22nd March – Crowdfunder Launch – Save the Date!

I’ve been selected as one of twenty projects to participate in the Creative Scotland Crowdfunder competition! I have a chance to access up to £10,000 in match funding. But first, I have to raise that amount and reach 200 donors very very quickly. There are 19 other projects gunning for the same funds and the funds are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you’d like to support my crowdfunder, and get perks, then please SAVE THE DATE 📆

After I reach 30 donors, Creative Scotland will automatically give me £1000 for my project. Then it’s a competition to see which project can raise the most in the shortest amount of time. The crowdfunder launches at 9am GMT on 22nd March and the first 30 donors will be sent a download of my new single, Scotland Yet, which isn’t out until 2nd April! 

Sign up here for a reminder email on 22nd March ➡️www.ionafyfe.com/mailinglist

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