Various female artists from multiple musical genres were invited to record a piece of music inspired by the women of Aberdeen/shire (past or present). ‘Even in Winter’ is the result. Artwork illustrations by Gabi Reith.


Iona Fyfe – Pride of Aberdeen


Pride of Aberdeen or “Nellie of Aberdeen” or “Young Ellen of Aberdeen” is found in John Ords Bothy Songs and Ballads of Aberdeen, Banff and Moray, Angus and the Mearns. Various versions of the song is also found in Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection Volume 6. Originally collected by James Duncan in January 1906 from performers such as John McAllan ( Sep 1907), William Ross (Sep 1909), John Garioch (Apr 1859), Charles Walker ( Apr 1906) Maggie Watt (Apr 25th 1905) and Isaac Troup (Sep 11th 1907) The oldest known version of the song is from 21st April 1859 from John Garioch however the song was commonly sung by males in the first decade of the 1900’s. Roud Index: 2179

Although the origins of the song is unknown, the song seems to be a lament about a girl who is orphaned at 11 and falls sick at 17 before she could marry the narrative singer/writer of the song. I chose to rewrite the melody of the song and have wrote an extra verse (V1 A and B) as I felt the song needed a little bit of introduction and that the first line “All earthly pleasures now are fled” needed some verse before it.

All proceeds from the compilation will go to Aberdeenshire North Foodbank and it is available to buy here. A downloadable stream of the compilation is available here:







Recently, the Buchan Heritage Society held its Young Entertainer of the Year for 2015. The evening showcases some of the finest talent that competes at Strichen Festival in the May of each year.

The Buchan Heritage Society was founded in 1984 by President Mr James M Duncan and has aimed to keep alive all the old and true traditions of Buchan in music, song, verse, drama and olde time dance.

Strichen Festival is held in May each year and has performances, ceilidhs and competitions for all ages in a number of categories such as Bothy Ballad, Piano, Accordion and Doric.

Following on from the festival, a Young Entertainer of the Year evening was set up in September 1999 to promote and encourage the younger generations and it has proved very successful. The aim of the
competition has its emphasis more on entertainment value than perfect performance but proficiency obviously plays a large part.

From a young age, I have enjoyed 12006323_698081863624932_1650256196956683212_nbeing involved with the Buchan Heritage Society and I can’t stress enough just how much work everyone on the committee puts in to keep our traditions alive.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the evenings for the past 5 years and am very sad to say a fond goodbye to my time competing in the Young Entertainer.

Have a look at this years performance here.

Check out what the Buchan Heritage Society does  here.