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Not to succumb to this marvellous voice is almost impossible. Iona Fyfe is one of the best that Scotland has to offer. Anyone who knows the scene knows that everything is great. The first album of the Iona Fyfe band is coming out of the company of CPL-Music.

“I’ve always wanted to release a physical CD and I’m very excited about the finished product. I’m so passionate about. “” I’m so passionate about. “

The simple title of this EP, “East”, refers to the origin of both the music and the artist, namely the Scottish east coast. Iona Fyfe has formed a band with which she recorded five traditional songs (plus a more recent date) of her home in a strikingly simple way. There are no sound gadgets that would distort the character of the music. Thus, although these are usually ballads and love songs, one perceives a certain roughness between the notes. Even the entrance of a piano seems as if it were a traditional Scottish folk instrument.

A first highlight of the album is clearly “Cairn O ‘Mount”. Only Iona Fyfe’s voice can be heard and at the latest you can see the incredible talent of this young woman. One may not believe that the musician has yet completed her education at the Royal Scottish Conservatory. But with the final “Bonny Udny” they finally climb the summit. This title crowns the album.

On “East” the Iona Fyfe band pays tribute to the Scottish legends Belle Stewart and Jeannie Robertson . At the same time it transmits old songs carefully in modern times. We are already looking forward to the band’s 2018 full-length debut. “East” is just beautiful.  

Read the entire review here.

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