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I’ve been chosen as one of 20 competitors to take part in the Creative Scotland Crowdfunder Competition. If I meet the milestones below, I could receive up to £10,000 in match funding from Creative Scotland. But time is of the essence as 19 other projects are gunning for the same match funding, which is distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. It will soon run out. The sooner that supporters contribute, the more chance I have of accessing the match funds. Please do consider supporting ASAP! I’ve put together some really exciting perks for you to claim in exchange for your support.

The first 30 supporters will immediately be sent a download of my new single, Scotland Yet, not out until 2nd April.

How it works….

If I raised £10,000 from 200 supporters, I’ll be in with the chance of gaining £10,000 from Creative Scotland, but only if I hit the milestones below in a matter of days

I only receive the Creative Scotland match funding if I reach the following milestones before the other projects.


I’m releasing an 11-track album of songs and ballads from The James Madison Carpenter Collection. I hope to also raise funds to create 2X music videos and hold a livestream launch concert featuring all the musicians on the album. James Madison Carpenter was an American folklorist who visited the North East of Scotland and recorded source singers on wax-cylinder. He discovered singers such as Bell Duncan who other collectors of the time weren’t aware of.  The music will feature key collaborators such as Graham Rorie (Gnoss), Jack McRobbie and Michael Biggins (BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2021). Second albums are notoriously tricky, and I want to be able to make this the highest quality it can be, by hiring the best collaborators and creatives.


Releasing an album is a costly business – and every creative involved must be paid fairly for their time, skills and expertise. At a time where people are struggling through the pandemic, your generosity means so much. Transparency about where the money will go is important. About 7% -10% of what I raise on this Crowdfunder will go to platform fee’s. Here’s a wee breakdown of some costs:


If you aren’t able to financially contribute, I totally understand! Times are hard. You can still help out enormously by sharing my crowdfunder link to your social media, and sharing it with people you think might be interested! Don’t forget to tag me! @ionafyfe on Twitter, @ionafyfe on Facebook and @iona.fyfe on Instagram.

Thanks for reading this far – I appreciate all your support. If you have any questions at all, then please get in touch via email 

A muckle thanks, Iona x

I’ve been selected as one of twenty projects to participate in the Creative Scotland Crowdfunder competition! I have a chance to access up to £10,000 in match funding. But first, I have to raise that amount and reach 200 donors very very quickly. There are 19 other projects gunning for the same funds and the funds are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you’d like to support my crowdfunder, and get perks, then please SAVE THE DATE 📆

After I reach 30 donors, Creative Scotland will automatically give me £1000 for my project. Then it’s a competition to see which project can raise the most in the shortest amount of time. The crowdfunder launches at 9am GMT on 22nd March and the first 30 donors will be sent a download of my new single, Scotland Yet, which isn’t out until 2nd April! 

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